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Golden Street Animation's Quick Draw Services.

Creative white board videos that advertise your company, products or services in a POWERFUL and EFECTIVE way.   

Quick Draw Video Samples

Bucket Wonders - Eplainer video

Product installation video for Mosquito Curtains

My Foot Doctor

RBR Tools - Machine shop Tools

Product care plans - Walmart Training

SleepAce - Nox sleep light 

Product  explainer video for Wooley Water Wise Hanging Baskets

B-Seal - Garage Door Weather Seal

Chicago Title 


Mosquito Curtains - Customer service explainer video

DCC at ATMs - Planet Payment

FAM international security

Vision Safe

Znitro - Cel Phone Protectors

Re-Play - recycling products

Multi Currency Pricing by Planet Payment

Mark my Words - word game

Young Living Essential Oils

Popar Toys

Wall Posters & Charts

LDS Philanthropies - Charitable Gift Annuity

Captian Justo - Adventure 

Missionary TOONS

Grocery Doodles

Planet Payment 


Innovia - Paper towel dispensers

US Patent Utility

Risk Factor - Card Game

Tantrix - from Family Games America

Popar Puzzles

VECTTOR Therapy Systems

LDS Philanthropies - Charitable Remainder Trust

Popar Books

IPX - Dental system 

Here are some testimonials from several customers:


"We absolutely LOVE the video!  It is perfect.  Everything we had hoped for and more!"


- Gina

Re-Think it, Inc.


"I came to Quick Draw with an idea and a short turn around time. They were able to translate that idea to a finished product quickly and professionally. One of my biggest challenges has always been getting the graphic guys to understand my creative concept, without a lot of hand-holding. Quick Draw met and exceeded that challenge with flying colors."


- Chris Prickett

The Prickett Group


"Quick Draw was very easy to work with and very attentive to our vision.  They listened to our ideas and came back with even better material!  They also worked with a very tight deadline and were flexible and pleasant throughout the entire process!”


- Johana Troutman

Innovia Home


"It’s been a very successful commercial. We did it in Italian and French as well. It is targeted to a female audience. We are getting a great response from it”


- Greg Norris



"I've seldom worked with a company who has tried so hard to please.  They were always available and very responsive.  The end product was exactly what we were looking for and has solved a problem we were having trying to reduce the number of clients who were calling unprepared.  In the past, we tried everything we could think of to relay this message, but clients don't read and simply reach for the phone.  This video was engaging and non-threatening to our good clients and our problem is now solved.
Midway through our project, Quick Draw talked me out of one of my own BAD ideas, for which I am now thankful.  We certainly plan to use them for more Videos.  You are in good hands and if you are not sure, call me personally.  I love to support quality resources!"


- Kurt Jordan

Office: 770-645-4745


Scott T. Petersen

(President of

Quick Draw Services)


Dear Visitors,

We love making these Quick Draw Videos!  Why?  Because they really do work and they get results for our customers!  

Case study: (View a video testimonial from Znitro.) 

We were not the first to make whiteboard videos but we can deffinitely claim that we are among the best who do.   There are three things that set us apart from other whiteboard companies...


1. Our drawing & design style is unique and at a quality level that is second to none. (Unless you want drawings that a 3 year old could do)


2. Our prices are 40% to 50% below our top competitors. 


3.  All of our artists (including myself) have Hollywood  experience working on shows for Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal and Columbia Tri-Star among others.  We know how to tell character based stories and make good films that will leave an impact.


So with my team and I, you are in good hands.


- Scott T. Petersen


Getting started is easy?

You just have to pick up the phone and call our executive producer, Bill Rogers at (801) 669-7851  He is seriously the nicest guy you'll ever meet and tell him about your company and the main points that you would like to get accross in your video. He'll give you a price list and walk you through our simple step by step process.  And just think, in 2 to 3 weeks you could be the proud owner of a custum made Quick Draw Video that will showcase your great company and be the envy of your compitition.  

 Or you can email us for a free quote at our official Quick Draw Website...

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