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Since it's inception, Golden Street Animation has provided artwork and animation for all kinds of media formats including Feature films, TV series, commercials, corporate videos, book illustrations, white board videos, toy designs, and creative solutions for all kinds of projects for major companies.

With a talent pool of over 200 artists and technicians we can handle any size project large or small.   We provide Story boards, layouts, character designs, animation, clean up, commercial designs, digital coloring and background painting as well as marketing solutions and advertising.

In addition to production animation Golden Street Also creates it's own artwork for products that we sell to retailers and on our own studio store website.  These products include, greeting cards, Posters, framed art, coin banks, sticker sets, T-shirts and much more.


And finally we hold regular drawing and animation classes to provide training to our own artists and also to beginners who wish to learn these valuable skills.  We are excited to offer a new series of animation training DVDs  and accompanying online mentoring packages.  For more information about these training options go to the training section of this website.

Click here to read an interview by FLIP magazine about the founding of Golden Street Animation.



Are you Frustraited not getting the results you need from other animation production companies.  Well look no further...Golden Street Animation is a world class animation production company started and lead by world renowned animator Scott T. Petersen, with the highest standards in quality and dependible service.

You can view all four seasons outside our main office entrance  in the image gallary below

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