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Figure drawing classes taught by 

Scott T. Petersen

Where:   Provo Art and Frame  (Art supply store on Center street in Provo.)  Address: 201 West Center • Provo, Utah • 84601 • 801.375.1150

Located in the Classroom above the Art Store

When:   September 2013 (exact start date to be announced), (5 week course)

Cost:   $80 dollars (for the full 5 week course)

Class times:   Every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm.

About the class:

Gesture drawing to clothed, live models is the main focus of this class.  Capturing the essence of a pose in just seconds is the goal.  This class is a must for any artist who wishes to become more proficient at drawing people in action from life.  

Acting and good posing in your drawing will be emphasized.

Sessions will be held at the Provo Art and Frame in the Classroom above their store.


This is a limited seating class so call  801. 374. 3394  to reserve your spot or email us at  Registration fee is due before the first class begins.

Below you can view samples of in class gesture drawing and demos by Scott T. Petersen

The Value of Drawing from Life

This clip  is from Lesson 1 of Scott's DVD training series called "Animation and Drawing Excellence"

Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing


We also have created this DVD called Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing vol. 1.  It's a great tool for all artists wanting to practice and improve their skills in drawing the human figure in the confort of their own home.  It contains 2 hours of clothed models, male and female, posing in "short pose format.

"It's always better to draw from a live model in a classroom setting, but this is the next best thing if you do not have a those other things readily available to you.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, it's a great way to warm up every day and keep your skills sharp by gesture drawing to these models."  - Scott T. Petersen

Included in this DVD: are 4 separate models posing for 15 to 30 seconds during the first hour and the second hour the posing is extended to 1 min. per pose.

To Purchase any of our DVDs and training products just go to our online Studio Store.

Tips for Gesture Drawing

This clip is taken from  Scott's Training series on DVD called "Animation & Drawing Excellence"

Drawing with Spherical Shapes

This clip is taken from  Scott's Training series on DVD called "Animation & Drawing Excellence"

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