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About Golden Street Animation 

A note from the owner:

"Years ago I was sent over seas by Walt Disney Studios to supervise and to train animators on one of their straight to video shows (Kronk's New Groove.) My job was to elevate the production quality of their work to a more feature film level and one of the results was getting to know some amazing talent there and their potential.  5 years later, when Disney pulled the plug on their traditional animation shows, I returned to the states and started Golden Street Animation Productions, where I have combined the best over seas talent with top veteran US Animators.  It's a powerful combination of artists and technicians which allows us to keep the quality high, and the cost low. You can see the result for yourself by browsing through our work samples in various areas on this website. For bids and inquiries you can contact me directly"   - Scott T. Petersen 

Services and products we provide:

We provide all aspects of the pre-production and production process which includes: story boards, character designs, visual development, layouts, background painting, 2D animation (rough and clean up,)  digital ink and paint, scene planing and final compositing.  We have also provided services on smaller projects like book illustrations, website artwork, Whiteboard videos, toy designs and more.  We also hold regular animation and drawing classes which helps to keep our skills sharp and gives the opportunity for beginners to learn these valuable skills in all it's forms. And lastly, we create our own products like greeting cards, calendars, t-shirts, instructional DVDs etc. that we distribute to retailers and also sell on our studio store here on this website.


"Golden Street Artworks" was founded by Scott T. Petersen in the summer of 2008 in Provo, Utah, first as a means to sell his own artwork and products to retailers for a local niche market. And then in the second year he quickly expanded and advertised the business as a unique animation outsourcing company now calling it Golden Street Animation. Since that time we have created artwork and animation for many projects and clients including feature films, television series and other media formats, and have employed over 200 artists and technicians on various projects.  Please take a moment to watch the "All about Golden Street Animation" video and you'll hear from Scott himself explaining some of the work that we do here.  The video is a bit "out of date" but it still explains well the animation production process that we do here and what we are all about.


"Welcome to the coolest animation company on the planet!"

Our Future:

We are and will continue to be a unique production outsourcing company with a good reputation for quality work and dependable service.  But we are also very interested in developing our own content and intellectual properties and continually look for opportunities for expansion in that regard with potential partners and investors. 

"All about Golden Street Animation" Duration: Approx. 7 min.

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