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Animation Training DVDs by Scott T. Petersen

Learn Animation and Drawing from Profession Animator, Scott T. Petersen

"In this series of training DVDs, "Animation & Drawing Excellence," I start from the very basics principals for beginners and move to the more advanced techniques for professionals. This particular series focuses on traditional animation techniques which are essential for both 2D and 3D animators. Through these videos, I'll share my unique perspective and experience gained from many years of supervising and teaching animation in different studios and universities around the world."

 - Scott T. Petersen

Animation & Drawing Excellence

Training DVDs and online mentoring now available.

These 3 DVDs are now available for purchase at our online studio store

Animation & Drawing Excellence, Lesson 1: The Essential Basics, Beginning Animation, Animation tutorials, Drawing tutorials, 2D animation training, Traditional animation, Animation principles, animation classes

Lesson 1:

The Essential Basics


Animation & Drawing Excellence, Lesson 2: Anticipation, Beginning Animation, Animation tutorials, Drawing tutorials, 2D animation training, Traditional animation, Animation principles, animation classes, Anticipation, The principle of Anticipation

Lesson 2:

Anticipation and other Gems. $20

Gesture Drawing, Models posing, Figure drawing Models,  Figure drawing reference,

Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing Vol. 1


Gesture Drawing, Models posing, Figure drawing Models,  Figure drawing reference,

All three videos all together for a special price: $54.85

Lesson 1 : The Essential Basics

In this DVD, The Essential Basics, Scott teaches the fundamentals of movement and the art of the 15 to 30 second gesture.  The following topics are covered there in…

  •        Foundational Philosophy for Animators
  •        Necessary equipment
  •        Basics in Movement: (Timing and spacing, following arcs, squash and  stretch, &  maintaining volumes)
  •        Gesture and figure drawing basics
  •       How to properly "flip" your drawing
  •       Animation and drawing assignments are given.
  •       Bonus footage is included of figure models (male and female) to draw from.
  • Running time Approx. 105 min.

Teaser clip from Lesson 1 "Slow ins and Outs"

Clip duration: 4:37 min.

Teaser clip from Lesson 1 "Drawing from Life"

Clip duration: 2:21

Lesson 2 : The Power of Anticipation and other Gems

In Lesson 2: The Power of Anticipation and other Gems, Scott teaches about all facets of the principle of Anticipation in detail and includes a demonstration of how to animate a character jumping.  There is also a section about how to create proper in-betweens and follow timing charts.  The figure drawing lesson in this DVD is about adding forms to the gesture.  3 new assignments are given and there is 40 min. of BONUS footage for you to enjoy of 2 professional animators interviewed giving you advice and telling you about their own careers. (David Block and Jared Beckstrand)  

Total running time is 112 min.

Teaser Clip for Lesson 2 "Physical Necesity for Anticipation"

Clip duration: 1:14 min.

Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing Vol. 1

ALSO NEW ON DVD is Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing vol. 1.  It's a great tool for all artists wanting to practice and improve their skills in drawing the human figure.  It contains 2 hours of clothed models, male and female, posing in "short pose format.

"It's always better to draw from a live model in a classroom setting, but this is the next best thing if you do not have a those other things readily available to you.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, it's a great way to warm up every day and keep your skills sharp by gesture drawing to these models."  - Scott T. Petersen

Included in this DVD: are 4 separate models posing for 15 to 30 seconds during the first hour and the second hour the posing is extended to 1 min. per pose.

NOTE: This DVD is meant to go along with and compliment the gesture drawing and animation lessons taught by Scott T. Petersen in his "Animation and Drawing Excellence" DVD training series.  

Dynamic Posing for Gesture Drawing

Advertisement clip: 0:41 Sec.

Testimonials from industry leaders

"Animation and Drawing Excellence" is an invaluable training DVD series for anyone interested in the field of Animation.  I have been working in animation for over 20 years now, and have been waiting just as long for someone to produce a really good training seminar for those interested in self-learning.  In today's world, where most people can't afford a four year art school, online schools and training DVDs are an invaluable tool.  Scott Petersen has years of experience and a passion for teaching that makes him the perfect instructor.  Whether you are interested in pursuing traditional 2D animation or even CG, learning the basics that have been passed down by the greats is something anyone with a passion for animation must learn and will definitely benefit from.  I highly recommend "Animation and Drawing Excellence to everyone who either wants to break into the field of animation, or even those of us who have been at it for many years and need a refresher."  - Elliot M. Bour, Director, Disney Toon Studios

Stephen Anderson, director of "Meet the Robinsons" and "Winnie the Pooh" (2011), said this about Scott's training DVDs... "Hand drawn animation may look easy from the outside but it's filled with complex principles that initially can seem intimidating.  But after watching "Animation & Drawing Excellence," you'll see that there's nothing to fear.  Scott breaks down the fundamentals with simple language and clear examples.  He then boosts the viewers' confidence with his positive nature and true passion for the art and craft of animation.  I highly recommend "Animation & Drawing Excellence!"

Disney's supervising animator, T Dan Hofstedt - "I enjoyed watching Scott's Animation & Drawing Excellence DVD very much.  It was refreshing to see the hand-drawn craftmanship of classical 2D animation demonstrated and explained in a clear and professional manner.  Scott is doing a terrific job of keeping the 2D techniques alive and well into the next generation.  His talent for drawing and animating are certainly world class, but add to that his ability to teach and communicate and you have an awesome winning combination."

Here is what Disney's supervising animator, Randy Haycock has to say about Scott's training series...  "Animation & Drawing Excellence, is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn the art and craft of animation.  Scott not only is a talented animator, but he has the added gift of being able to communicate ideas and principles clearly and succinctly.  The curriculum presented in these videos will help any aspiring animator learn the important principles and techniques that are necessary to become a successful animator"

"Animation & Drawing Excellence is an excellent instructional DVD for the student wanting to learn the initial basics of animation.  Included in these well produced lessons are simple, well explained concepts and exercises important toward building a solid foundation and moving forward toward becoming an animator."  - David Block, Director and Animator, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers Animation

Walk Down Golden Street

Interview with Scott T. Petersen about his DVD training series. Duration: 6:44 min.

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