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Golden Street to create NEW music video for Bright Lights musical group.

May 10th 2015

Bright Lights and Sandman Studios has contracted Golden Street Animation to create a new anime style music video for one of their songs.  All of the storyboards have almost been completed along with the design work.  Next up is production which is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.  To follow Bright lights musical group you can visit their website at

Separators promo Trailer for Ossm comics is now complete and they are looking for distribution.

May 5th 2015

Ossm comics and Sandman studios have been working with Golden Street over the last few months to complete a fully animated trailer based off of the popular comic book stories called Separators.   Ossim comics is now looking for distribution partners with the intent to start development on the first 13 episodes this mid summer.   Stay tuned for more updates on this OSSM action hero project.

Golden Street Animation adds Quick Draw Videos to our many services

January 23rd 2015

This is not new news but Golden Street Animation has added whiteboard marketing videos to our list of services that we offer.  Every business no matter what your product or services are needs to have some kind of Video marketing plan that reaches their target audience.  These whiteboard videos are really the perfect way to get your message out in a powerful way. 


Golden Street's Quick Draw Services has been in business since June of 2013 and since that time has brought in a great deal of new clients and has been a great source of additional revenue to our company.  In 2014, our Quick Draw Projects increased by about 5 times and it continues to grow consistently. .

Golden Street Teams with Sandman studios to create TV series promo for comic book Company

January 23rd 2015

Good news for all you action and comic book lovers.  Golden Street recently contracted to create short trailer type promo based on a popular comic book series called "Separators."  Our work will include original storyboards, character designs and full production services including final digital coloring. Storyboards are scheduled to be completed Today and animation production begins on the 2nd of February.  We are so excited to add yet another feather in our cap with this action hero type tv show.  We are hopeful that it will go on to be made into a full series.

April 5, 2012

Scott T. Petersen is interviewed by ""  And gives some history of his professional career.

Scott to give online trainings to Toon City in Manila

April 15, 2014

Scott will be doing online trainings for Manila artists hosted by Toon City Animation throughout 2014 and 2015.

As of today, our studio store is set up for those who want to purchasse our products directly online.

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