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Character Animation

We offer world class production animation services at a quality level second to none. With a talent pool of over 200 artists and technicians we can handle any size project, large or small. We can adapt to any production style or format that is required for the job.  We are not limited to just 2D animation but we also offer CGI animation and flash style animation as well.   Each of our animators have been trained and hand picked over many years of collaborations and have a wide range of experience on Feature films to TV series and straight to video projects. Below you can view our latest animation reel plus samples of the rough and clean up process that we go through before final color is added.

Our latest Animation reel

Golden Street Animation reel 2011

Duration: 3 min.​

Rough Animation tests created during production

Various rough pencil test animation clips during production

Clip duration: 3:56

Rough Animation Drawings gallery: Click on any of the rough animation drawings below to view them in more detail.

Clean up samples

Clip duration:  1:47

Samples of our Clean Up Animation

Clean up Animation

Clean-up Animation Drawings gallery

All about Golden Street Animation

Clip duration: 7min.

Franky's 2D experiment

Duration: 2min.​

Feature Animation clips.

Duration: 10 min.

So What are you waiting for?  Let's Bring your project TO LIFE! Give us a call (801) 995-1529


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