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Michael Jordan - A true Leader

One of my First Animated movies that I ever worked on was Space Jam starring the legendary Michael Jordan. Even though I never met him in person, I have always been a huge fan of his excellence as a leader and team builder.

I remember watching the NBA finals when they played against the Utah Jazz two years in a row. I was so inspired at the level of sheer will power exuded by him and those around him. And no matter what he would not give up. The Great thing about Michael Jordan in my mind is that he was a great leader on the court no doubt about it. He did NOT care about how many points that he himself had on the score board as much as he wanted his whole team to function and win. And he expected his team members to do their job well too. Something that he really understood was working as a team. He inspired others on the team to work at their very best and they were all elevated in their skills because of him. I even thought while watching him play against the Jazz that he even makes his opposition want to play better against him. It was an amazing thing to watch and I will never forget it.

When he retired and Colby started to get popular and many compared him to Jordan, in my mind there was just no comparison. While Colby was super talented and probably even more talented in his individual talent, Jordan played a team game and brought everyone around him to a higher level of playing. To me it was as clear as day watching their different styles.

Anyway, for me I guess I admire that type of leadership more than any other. It's what I try to inspire in everyone here as we work as a team to get our projects finished and build the company. We've done some amazing things over the years and in some cases with very difficult obstacles and impossible circumstances. And I'm grateful to the many team players that have contributed to help make us what we are today.

- Scott T. Petersen

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