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Lesson 2: The Power of Anticipation

Lesson 2: The Power of Anticipation

In Lesson 2: The Power of Anticipation and other Gems, Scott teaches about all facets of the principle of Anticipation in detail and includes a demonstration of how to animate a character jumping.  There is also a section about how to create proper in-betweens and follow timing charts.  The figure drawing lesson in this DVD is about adding forms to the gesture.  3 new assignments are given and there is 40 min. of BONUS footage for you to enjoy of 2 professional animators interviewed giving you advice and telling you about their own careers. (David Block and Jared Beckstrand)  Running time is 112 min.

Here is a sneak peak at future lessons:
Lesson 3 will be about flexibility in part. Scott will also explain the whole process of animation from start to finish (concept,and boards to final color and post production).
Lesson 4 will be about walks and runs
Lesson 5 will be about Acting and Performance part 1
Lesson 6 will be Acting and Performance part 2
Lesson 7 will be focused on Drawing, Drawing, Drawing, for the animator.
Lesson 8: Beginning Character design
Lesson 9: Beginning Story boarding

And then we'll get into the more advanced stuff.

Lesson 10: Animating to Dialogue
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