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Greeting Cards - 24 pack

Greeting Cards - 24 pack

$70.80 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
24 pack of Missionary TOONS greeting cards. The pictures included in this pack are, Missionary Angels, Transfer Day, MTC food, Empty Mail box, Enemy Dog, Tractin' Trouble, Hardship Hill, In Humble Prayer, Door Squashed, Member Referral, P-Day, Enter at the Gate, To Every Creature, One Way, Snake Pet, White Christmas, Biker Dude, Bus Stop, Zone Conference, Companionship Study, Baptism is the gate, End of the Day, Go ye therefore, and Welcome home Elder.
  • Details

    This Card pack is a SUPER GREAT value and one of our BEST SELLERS because if you do the math you are saving lots of money by buying this pack vs. the individual cards. You literally are saving $20.80.
    Comes with 24 white envelopes as well.
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